Anax – A Body Which Kills

Paulos of Myth Pilot – Thoughts for a Vitalist Art Movement

Nostromo – A Requiem for an Atavism

FischerKing – Goethe: Paragon of Mature Vitality

Apex – The Barbarism of Reason

Curtis Yarvin – A Manual for Monarchy

Yukio Mishima (Masaki) – On the Defense of Culture

Edward Luttwak – The Art of History No.1


PEG – Against Modern Miseducation

Cranston Allard – The Songs of Superior Men

Josiah Lippincott – The Parable of Gotham

Stone Age Herbalist – Frontier Life & Feather LARP-ING

Lomez – In Defense of Conspiracy Theories

Zero HP Lovecraft – Landline Stories in a Smartphone World

Raw Egg Nationalist – A Poundshop Prufrock

Jake Shields – The Art of Violence No. 1

A based literary publication, and a symposium of frogs, anons, and the heretics of the liberal-democratic international defect. Inside you will find:

Conrad Black – Why Democracy is Worth Fighting For

Charles Haywood – What to do When Caesar Comes

The Fat Nutritionist – The Gentleman Conservative

The Raw Egg Nationalist – Tacitus and the Return of Tradition

The Bronze Age Pervert – The Biology of Kingship